Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Overview of Effective Curing Compound Used in Curing of Concrete

Curing of concrete refers to the chemical process, ensuring the cement hydration in the newly placed concrete. Concrete curing process is one of the essential parts of chemical reaction taking place between water and Portland cement for hydration of the product and creation of gel, which people can easily lay down in various types of water-filled spaces. This process mostly involves imposing control in the loss of moisture and temperature affecting the entire process of hydration.

Curing of Concrete via Curing of Membrane Process

Now, let us have a look over curing the concrete via membrane curing process. Membrane curing process is one of the efficient and practical ways of curing concrete in modern construction industry. In this condition, concrete should essentially remain covered with the membrane. In other words, this type of curing process needs either plastic sheet or effective curing compound for sealing off pores and retarding the process of water-evaporation from the concrete.

Plastic Sheeting Process

If you are looking for curing of the concrete by using plastic sheets, you should need suitable coverings for every exposable concrete area as soon as possible. However, at the same time, you should have to take care that the sheet covering should never cause any damage to the concrete finish. Whenever you use plastic sheets above different flat surfaces, such as slabs and pavements, you should make sure about the extent of sheet beyond the slab edges.      

Application of Curing Compounds

If you are not able to cure concrete via plastic sheets, you can apply some of the effective curing compounds for accomplishment of the process. Curing compound refers to a special type of chemical product mostly sprayed directly above the surface of concrete. In this way, application of chemical compounds may dry the membrane, so that it becomes impermeable in retarding the moisture losses from concrete.

Why Concrete Curing is Essential
The process of concrete curing is essential for ensuring its quality. In fact, the process has strong influence on different properties of concrete. These may include strength, durability, tightness of water, volume, resistance, thawing resistance and freezing.

Best Time for Concrete Curing Process

Most of the experts related to the chemicals construction industry choose to cure the concrete by the application of concrete curing compound just after the beginning of chemical reaction for hardening of concrete. These experts have further recommended that people should never allow fast drying of the concrete in any situation.

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