Monday, 9 June 2014

Role of Curing in Construction

Curing of Concrete
We all are very much familiar with the word curing as it comes in our day to day routine. It may be related to building, lighting or to any other stuff. Here we are talking about curing of concrete. We all are very well known that concrete act as a key material in almost all types of building and various construction processes. What makes essential to cure concrete is if it does not cured in initial stage it dries up quickly and loose all the inside moisture due to which the structure strength and life will decrease and the surface will lead towards cracking and damaging.

Or in other words it is a process which is adopted widely for hardening the surfaces of concrete under hard conditions such as humidity & the temperature which is favorable to proper and cumulative settings of cement. Curing affects in a huge way on the concrete from both inside as well as from its outside surface. As it helps it to harden in a better way it also increases the durability, volume stability, strength, wear resistance, freezing, water-tightness and thawing.

No matter how perfectly you mix, placed or finished concrete without perfect curing all the efforts are useless.Now when we are clear with the concept why curing is necessary it is essential to be aware of various cuing techniques and which one is best among them.

When we are talking about building construction we all know that after making slabs and floors people use to pour water and fill that place with it just to maintain the outside temperature cool and to look moisture of concrete inside it but this technique require more time, more labor, more expense and lots of attention plus the technique is not environment friendly because it results wasting natural resource for unwanted and unnecessary reasons.

Moving towards another option for curing which sounds more reasonable, eco friendly and requires almost no attention and you don’t have to keep us the record of how many days left till you can use the surface.

That technique is called 'Curing Compound'.  There are so many varieties available in market such as oil based, PVA based, rubber based, resin based, wax based curing compound. All of them are colored which fades by time only the wax based curing compound is white in color.

It can be easily sprayed on any surface especially on cement roads, concrete pillars with the help of spraying pump it is necessary to spray this wax based white colored liquid just after it dries a bit. The wax based film breaks by passing time when the surface gets in touch with sunlight continuously.

This application saves your time and money both its better to upgrade your construction process with new chemicals which makes you work more easily as compared with your experience with old techniques. Adopt the usage of curing compound and contribute in saving natural recourses, time and money. About wax based curing compound uses, advantages, properties etc. 

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