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Categories of Concrete Pavers by Renowned Concrete Pavers Industries

Now days, concrete pavers have become one of the affordable options for almost every type of construction industries. These types of pavers are highly affordable as compared to the stones, relatively more colorful than stones and highly durable as compared to the asphalt. In addition, concrete pavers designed by the concrete paver industries are modular, because of which people associated with the construction sector can fix and install such pavers without bearing any type of hassles.

Categories Prescribed by Concrete Pavers Industries

Most of the famous concrete pavers industries have categorized the concrete pavers in to architectural slabs ad interlocking pavers.

Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking pavers comprised of dry mixture of sand, gravel, color and cement. Since the amount of water present in the mixture is very less, you can easily move on the conveyor belts and funnel the same inside the paver molds. After this, construction personnel need to insert the press inside the mold and at the same time should allow the vibration. Vibration and the high pressure may help in setting of the water into the cement and creation of bind in between the aggregates. When the construction personnel move the pavers away, they come in the finishing state.

Specialties of Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking pavers incorporate wide range of special features to be used as one of the best concrete pavers in a reputable paver industry. The features of this type of concrete paver may include
  • Interlocking pavers designed by the paver industries possess edge spacers, which may help in the creation of the uniform joints.
  • All these interlocking pavers comprise of strong as well as stiff concrete mixture.
  • Since the interlocking pavers designed by any particular concrete pave industry are thick. Because of this reason, such types of concrete pavers are perfectly suitable for driveways.
Architectural Slabs Pavers

Architectural pavers are capable of providing relatively high aesthetic value as compared to the interlocking pavers. In fact, you can consider this type of pavers as mimicking the looks of natural stones and bricks. However, because of possessing relatively thin cakes, they are not able to deal with the auto-traffic features.

Specialties of Architectural Slabs Concrete Pavers
Now, let us have a look over the specialties incorporated in the architectural slabs pavers.
  • Firstly, architectural slabs remained completely free from all sorts of edge spacers.
  • Secondly, experts involved in the designing of the architectural slabs always choose the slab as molded from the wet concrete, so that it can easily resemble with the brick or stone.
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