Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Concrete Curing Compound Helps in Sealing of Water from Concrete Slabs

Curing compounds are special types of compounds applied to new concrete for sealing the presence of water into it. Application of Curing Compound helps in setting of suitable concrete in relatively less time. Most of the experts related to construction industry prefer to keep concrete slabs in wet condition by traditional sources, including plastic film, burlap and wet straw and many more. Despite, the application of traditional sources help in curing of wet concrete, but such sources never allow using of concrete slabs for a particular period. Here comes the role of different types of curing compounds.

Features of Water-based White Colored Curing Compounds

In the recent few years, water-based white colored curing compounds have witnessed high demand in between different types of manufacturing and construction industries. Concrete Curing Compound of this category is wax-based dispersion available with suitable white pigments or colors. When the professionals apply concrete curing compounds belonging to these categories in proper way, compounds will form membranes of premium-grades, which can optimize retention of water. Furthermore, white pigment of the compound helps in reflecting UV rays of sun and in turn in keeping the surface of concrete in cool condition. In other words, white pigment of the compound plays vital role in prevention of heat formation at excessive amount. Water-based white colored curing compounds incorporate drying time of about two hours, based on different conditions of jobsite. The conditions will include wind, temperature and many more. In addition, the compound is capable to restrict traffic for minimum four hours.

Steps Involved in Application of Water-based White Colored Curing Compounds

Now, let us look over different steps needed for application of this Curing Compound for concrete slab designs. 

Preparatory Steps or Preparation

Professionals involved in manufacturing and construction jobs should make sure of following suitable preparatory steps before proceeding for exact application of compounds. This means, construction personnel should keep application equipment in clean condition and free from all types of materials used in the past.

Re-dispersion Process

Once you complete with the preparatory step, you have to move forward for re-dispersion of all types of separation and settlings present in the container via agitation in gentle way.

Application of Compound

Lastly, you have to spray the compound over an event coat by the help of power sprayer or hand once the water surface disappears from the surface of concrete. Hence, by the application of curing compound in exact way, construction professionals can expect to have strong and dry concrete slab to be used for accomplishment of construction projects.

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