Friday, 28 June 2013

Concrete Curing Compound and Membrane are Helpful in Curing of Concrete

Curing of concrete with the help of plastic sheets or membrane has become efficient and practical way to cure concrete in modern manufacturing and construction industries. Sometimes, people do not remain available with water for curing of concrete or perform the process by following an incorrect process. Incorrect process will result in alteration of finished surface of the concrete product. Moreover, many experts have said that addition of water to concrete surface, which remained unfinished in its setting procedures, can create adverse affects on hydration process by altering different properties of concrete. Therefore, professionals should cover the concrete by using suitable type of plastic material or a Concrete Curing Compound capable of sealing off small pores and retard evaporation of water from surface of concrete.

Common Forms of Membranes to Cure Concrete
Now, let us look over some common types of membranes capable of curing concrete.

Plastic Sheeting
Curing of concrete by the application of plastic sheeting involves covering of different exposed concrete areas in no time without causing any type of damage to concrete finish. However, whenever you use plastic sheeting above different plat surfaces, like for instance slabs and pavements, you should make sure of extending the same beyond slab edges by minimum 2 times of the entire thickness of slab.


Some curing compounds are type of chemical products sprayed directly over the surface of concrete and allow its dryness to form impermeable Concrete Curing Membrane. These membranes can easily retard loss of moisture contents from surface of concrete. 

Reasons for Curing of Concrete

Curing concrete has become essential for construction process because of the fact that it allows constant and transitional evaporation of water from entire mixture of concrete. Now, many people ask one common question related to the time, after which concrete proceeds for its curing process. For this, experts related to construction sector have said that concrete curing process depends completely on different environmental conditions, where concrete remained placed, which include placement of concrete directly above the ground, in between different forms, submerged inside the water, directly above the ground and many more. Best practice in this case is the curing of concrete by using concrete curing chemical, which will allow hardening of concrete. Lastly, you should never allow concrete to become dry at any situation and at the same time should maintain curing condition during the starting 24 hours or until the passing of complete setting time of cement.