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Brick by Brick Constructing a New Era

Clay Bricks
'Bricks' are such materials which plays an important role in the field of construction. Its usage is not only limited to the construction of infrastructure but it is used for making any kind of wall or dams or for flooring etc in almost all the fields and places. As bricks are used from decades in different ways, people used to make them according to their needs and convenience. Mostly little kind of bricks is commonly used in the field of construction such as: clay bricks, cement bricks & fly ash bricks. These are such kind of bricks which are highly used in the field of construction. Its usage differs by place to place.

Clay Bricks

If any construction is happening deep inside the small village's people commonly prefers to use clay bricks because the availability of clay is easy in those areas & making such bricks are easy in those areas.

How to make clay bricks: Well as the name defines it needs clay to make such kind of bricks. All what required is clay and water just mix clay with water and place it in moulds and keep it in sunlight for 5-6 days when it becomes hard remove it from moulds and keep it inside the special room where it is burning from all the sides after few time your brick is ready to use. These bricks become very strong and durable due to the heating therapy which has been performed in the end. In villages where cement bricks are not available easily, peoples their use these kinds of bricks for making small bridges, houses and for flooring also. These bricks are very strong and give long services as well. If one is comparing these bricks with cement bricks it has been proved that these bricks are far much better than cement bricks in two ways:
  1. Bricks made by clay is eco friendly and it manufacturing process required no chemical of machinery but only water and clay and in any single mean it does not affect the atmosphere so it is very eco-friendly. Due to this property experts suggested big builders to use such kind of bricks in modern construction as well but due to unavailability of clay in urban areas somehow it is an impossible task yet now.
  2. Clay bricks have cooling tendency due to which outside temperature does not affect inside temperature of building in any way.
In urban areas contractors but so many technologies and efforts to maintain the inside temperature but in rural areas due to the use of clay bricks it becomes so easy to maintain the inside temperature to less and cool. Due to these two properties clay bricks are more better than cement bricks but in terms of durability and strength both kind of bricks cement made and clay made are almost same or in few situations cement bricks have more strength and durability as compared to clay bricks. If clay bricks are heat up in proper heat after drying in sunlight than the strength and durability of clay bricks and cement bricks are almost same. But due to unavailability of materials and some other conditions in both the places other options are not working like in urban areas it is next to impossible task to use clay bricks even after knowing its benefits and properties due to lack of materials same as in rural areas it is just impossible to use cement bricks because of no sources of manufacturing such kind of bricks. So according to material availability and manufacturing comfort different kinds of bricks are using in different areas of construction in various places.
Cement Bricks
Cement Bricks

It's another type of brick which is very easy to make need no heating process and gives long life to your infrastructure and strengthens the buildings and gives durability as well. The strength of cement bricks are of 7-10 MPa which is commonly used in below mentioned applications:
  • In residential building
  • In different kinds of walls
  • In small kind of DIY jobs
  • For making dams
  • In footpath
  • For different kind of flooring
Above mentioned are just few examples where cement bricks are commonly used. Usage of cement bricks does not cling to these one's only it leads to manufacturing of canals, bridges, malls, big bungalows and in almost all kind of construction.

What makes cement bricks different from other kinds of bricks is its strength and looks and also due to one factor if you use cement bricks in making any wall or for flooring etc you need very less amount of plaster to join and cover it because the bricks are already made up of cement they need less amount of plaster to bind each other. And because the wall is made up of cement bricks it have more strength as compared to walls which are made up of normal kind of bricks also because of these bricks the life of building increases.
How to make cement bricks: It is a simple task to make cement bricks all what requires is high quality cement and water if you are making pure cement brick and if you are working on less budget you can mix good quality of cement in it also, but remember put only a particular amount of sand in cement otherwise the manufactured bricks will lose their strength and it also results breakage. According to your need and requirement mix cement and water or cement water and sand and form a fine paste avoid the formation of lump now place this fine paste in moulds before putting in it moulds don't forget to grease it with mould release oil which is commonly known as shuttering oil. After this place the mould in which you pour paste in sunlight for 3-4 days then remove it from mould and it is ready to use for different kind of modern construction process.     

Advantages of using cement bricks

Using bricks which are completely made up of cement for building your house or any other infrastructure is a unique way to go. Due to its high strengthen property the building last very long.

You can make cement bricks according to your need; you can also change its size such as width, breath, height etc. General phenomena of cement bricks: weight: 2.3 kgs appox. & size is 220mm x 100mm x 70mm, its approx. quantity / pallet: 500 and strength is 7-10 MPa. As all know that cement never stops curing so because of this it increase its strength constantly.

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