Monday, 5 May 2014

Mold Release Oils Differ For Every Industry

Release oil or releasing agent is basically a chemical which protects the surface from bonding to other impure materials which can affect the product quality. This oil is commonly used for mold release, plastic release or tire and other product release.

Why release agents are important:
While manufacturing any kind of product like tires, plastic or cement pipes, wires etc. you have to apply a fine quality of release agent (oil) on the inner surface of mold so that the mixture you put in mold can release easily after completion of product. One another major reason is there because of which the use of mold release oil becomes very necessary- now days where everyone wants a well finished goods it's become a compulsion for manufacturers to make fine quality products which looks exactly perfect. While you use ordinary oil for mold release it leaves marks on the product surface while if you use fine quality of oil in mold surface, when you release the completed product from it, it gives a fine shine and you will find no stain on the product surface.         

As every industry has something different to produce so the releasing agents used in molds are also different. For releasing of concrete products from mold different kind of releasing agents or oils are used and for rubber, steel, aluminum other kind of oil are used, so always remember never make a mistake by using same kind of oil for releasing of molds of different products. 

Every industry like food, paper, plastic, rubber etc. require mold release agents for the products they manufacture. Following are some examples of different industries and how releasing agents work in these industries.

Food industry: In food industry oil is used for the separation of food from the containers. For this industry the oil used in molds should be eatable and do not cause any affect on health.  

Paper industry:  In paper making industry release agents are used to give slip effect on papers.

Plastic industry: While manufacturing any kind of product which is made by plastic mold release agents are used to prevent adhesives bonding to surface of plastic.

Rubber industry: For molding of rubber silicon based agents are used because rubber can easily absorb oil, so it should be necessary to use such release agent which cannot be absorbed by rubber and act as a good release agent.

For every individual industry there are some specific needs of product so release agent should be used very carefully so that it works beneficially for the manufactured product. You can find some people in market that will convey you that same kind of oil can act as best shuttering oil  for every industry but before trusting on such commands make a analysis of products and their behavior, can you use same kind of release agent for rubber and concrete mold release obviously not. So make a good analysis of your product and use release agents according to product behavior. It will give your product a new, stain free and perfect look which will increase the demand of your product.

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