Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Step Ahead From Traditional Curing, Curing Compound

Spreading Curing Compound
Curing, in construction it means a layer of anything which can maintain the surface temperature an protect in at least for few time period from the adverse effects of atmosphere like sunlight, dust heat, moisture, humility etc it is so because on fresh concrete what requires is the inside moisture and to maintain it curing is required. Just because natural resources are not easily available and now they are hard to access mostly preferred process for curing is through chemicals. As compared to water which can't be movable from place to place nee labors and so many extra efforts plus if you are onto water curing it is necessary to keep on doing the same for about a month to get exact results which is next to impossible for big projects. On other side the most preferable option has so many benefits which make it better from the tradition water curing like it can be remote to various laces according to need, time limit for drying up completely will be around two or three days which is far less to traditional one, easy to apply and available easily from all these benefits it has a extra ordinary feature and that is curing compounds are eco friendly they do not cause any kind of side effects to atmosphere.
The necessity of curing is because if the surfaces does not cure properly an lost their inside moisture than it becomes bit difficult for the concrete layer to survive as it leads to cracks and loose its strength permanently it effects the durability of place.

The role of curing includes forming a thin layer on the surfaces of concrete so it can be stay away from direct sunlight and other impurities which can cause moisture loss next is curing help the concrete layer to maintain its moisture inside by locking it through the above layer of curing compound. It is important to apply the chemical as properly as you can and it is better if the application repeat twice just to ensure that no space is left if any place left uncovered it will become the reason of crack age and from that small crack it will damage a huge area of concrete so it better to ensure that all parts are cover well with the chemical coating also it should be taken in mind that after curing do not leave the place for use as the chemical needs at least two to three hours to wet completely and the place will be open to use only after three days from the day of application applied. One thing which should always be taken in mind while using curing chemicals that it takes at least 6 months to remove that layer from surface before that you can't apply any kind of pain or you can't allow tiling on that surfaces this is the reason it is not recommended for small construction these chemicals are preferred only for projects such as dam, bridges, roads etc.

While as some extents it is necessary to apply chemicals in construction it is highly suggested to gain complete knowledge of it before use. It is very important to use safety tools like gloves and other covering to make sure that chemical stay away from the reach from the body of labor. Always prefer to use spaying machine while applying chemicals on surfaces which helps to spread evenly and properly all around the places and give perfect results. Curing compound is very easy to use and give good results as compared to other techniques of curing.  

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