Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Major Steps and Precautions of Using Shuttering or Formwork

shuttering or formwork
There is always some pros and cons of everything so as the formwork and shuttering have. The main usage of both of them is providing enough strength to the concrete only the wet one which is placed on vertical surfaces just till the time when it gains particular amount of strength. It is necessary that these two have as much strong that they can easily bear the load of concrete mix as when the concrete is mixes with water which results it becomes high weighted. It is mandatory that these applications should be water tight if in case water leakage from concrete has been allowed through shuttering it will leads the concrete to weak and damage it which results it have very low life which affects the whole infrastructure. Usage of shuttering is quite easy on the side and it can be very firmly removed from the concrete if mould release agents are applied properly on it.   

Few steps of precautions basically for RCC beams, slabs and vertical supports:
  • Wooden pillar which are used for the support should be not more than 6'' Dia and all of them should have same size and it is necessary that all are free from joints.
  • Never make required height by applying brick in the base of wood, usage of brick is allow up to three not more than that.
  • Cross bracing should do which gives better support to slabs and to beams as well.
  • The batten of wood which is supposed to be used below plate the size of it should be 5'' of height not more than that.
Precautions for beams & slabs and Beams:
  • The shuttering should be used of steel instead of bricks or plywood
  • It is necessary to keep close eye that the formwork is water tight or not.
  • Make sure that the shuttering is removed only after 28 days
  • It is necessary to watch occasionally that the concrete gain particular strength by time.
Recommended removal period of shuttering:
  • If slab is indoor than 7 days should be minimum.
  • For walls, beams, foundations and columns 48 hours are minimum.
  • If the arches are above 4.5 meter and falls between 6 meter spams 14 days should be minimum.
  • If the aches of beams are in between 6 to 9 meter it will take 21 days to remove shuttering.
  • Beams above 9 meter take at least 28 days for removing formwork.
These are the few basics which should always be taken in mind while using shuttering or any kind of formwork. Always make sure that you prefer to use steel shuttering instead of any other kind which will give you water tight ability which ensure the poured mixtures moisture inside it which will help it to retain good quality of strength. 

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